zealot /zɛlət/ 


plural noun: zealots

person who is  uncompromising  in pursuit of  their ideals.

Zealots of Nature is a special line of all natural, personal care and beauty treatment products which draw on the principles of Everyday Aesthetics.

Zealots of Nature believes in Everyday Aesthetics; a young sub- field of Philosophy that focuses on illuminating those aspects of our life which are normally neglected or mishandled, by proposing that we change our typical attitudes and give aesthetics a predominant role in routine activities.

Daily personal care is one of the most important ones.

Zealots of Nature passionately embraced the idea and channelled the concept into creating a line of all natural personal care products, designed to be used mindfully.

Extra virgin Greek olive oil, organic herbs, plant extracts and essences, locally sourced and as close as possible to age-old combinations & recipes, are the ingredients of our products and for them to be more than “hopes in a jar”, one must use them intelligently, consciously & with an aesthetic attitude such as W. Blake beautifully described

“…to see a world in a grain of sand
and a heaven in a wild flower…”