At Odyssey the Journey to Comfort, in cooperation with Spick and Span, we can offer you more than just a cooperation. We offer you security, reliability, freedom. We undertake the replenishment of all linen, daily care and integrated management through our laundry and clothing rental services.

We are able to supply you with high quality linen, manufactured in Greece from natural materials. We recommend covering your daily needs with top quality hotel linen. We provide you daily services with the professional conscience that distinguishes Spick and Span & Coco-Mat. Our proposal aims to improve “clean linen ‘ services to your customers by providing it daily according to the needs of housekeeping.

Quality of Services

Spick and Span provides the best wash quality. With the cooperation of Ecolab’s quality department and its laboratories in Germany.


We are the only washing machine in Greece with quality management certification, ISO 9001: 2015, EN 14065: 2016 (p. 16.17) and RAL GZ 992/1 & RAL GZ 992/2 (p.15). Under the most rigorous laboratory tests.

Production Capacity

Our unit has the largest production capacity in Southern Europe, exceeding 120 tonnes of clothing per day. Our processes are fully automated and all stages of production are monitored electronically.

Exclusive use of Ecolab certified detergents

We are the only washing machine in Greece (excluding the islands) that uses only Ecolab certified detergents.

Reduce the wear of clothing

All conditions during the manufacturing process, such as temperature, detergents, drying and ironing conditions, are checked electronically to extend the service life and maintain high quality.


We can send you technical sheets to keep you up to date on wash conditions and quality standards

Energy-saving systems such as Aqua Energy System 5000 and Ecolab Energy Optimiser. We are the only pan-European unit to have these systems. (p. 22).

Natural Gas

Steam is produced using natural gas.

Generation of electricity from photovoltaic panels

On the roof of the building there is a photovoltaic park of 2,100 sqm,

which generates 280KW of electricity.

Ηeat Exchangers

Installation of a heat exchanger in the washing machines, capable of heating the fresh water, from the water temperature of the main wash.

Water Softening

Water softening systems treat and reduce the water hardness of the wash, ensuring ideal and stable conditions for clean and fluffy clothing.